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I give and then I take back
I make promises
and then I change my mind
I drop hints
I imply things
the better to deceive...
I am sorry, I did not know where to go. forgive me, who lies, who lies, I thought I knew. wait for me, don´t run, I am coming. I need you.
I deny, I deny, I deny
he denies.
time to stop.
we are afraid of the night.
forgive and forget, they say. I do not forgive nor forget.

transparecy interests me. I want to be transparent. If you could see through me, you could not help loving me. forgive me.
in fear, strange things happen. a horrible fear makes you the oposite way you are. fear=not to be able to cope.

it´s difficult to believe in the love of somebody you have really hurt ( valid for both sides).

Louise Bourgeois

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