• 2003 • " Nudes / Self portraits "

At 2002 she enters in a Master Program at the Complutense University of Madrid, titled “Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art”. Her work of the years 2002-2003 question a different aspect of the self-portrait. She presents herself seminude, in static poses in front of the mirror, having as back round the familiar spaces of her studio or room. Her face is often rigid, but mostly serene and melancholic, contrasting the daring nudeness of her chest that is presented unexpectedly uncovered, with an unnatural remove of her clothes. A different concept characterizes her effort to present herself, she is trying to say things through the mute and motionless faces, and the expression is completely concentrated in the eyes. The use of color is different, softer and “washed”. Images of personal and private moments are also presented within an impression of shyness, but still determination.