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Fonts of Inspiration

Nan Goldin | Diane Arbus | Alice Neel | Sophie Calle | Louise Bourgeois | Frida Kahlo | Richard Billingham | Joan Semmel | Francis Bacon | Lucian Freud | Hanna Villiger | Larry Clark | Sol LeWitt |


(…)The work of every artist is his own extension, in a way it’s like a child that reflects his parents, even though he might not have any physical resemblance. Voluntarily or involuntarily, artists reveal their interior world, directly or indirectly, they camouflage feelings or they hide them under ‘masks’ that can be either legible or incomprehensible, according to each one’s strategy.

I am investigating artists who almost exclusively deal with their intimacy, directly or not. Artist who encounter the sense of their creativity through deep reflexion towards themselves, take out their intimacy and privacy and share it with the public.

I am interested in searching in their fonts of motivation and stimulation but also study the strategies that they used in order to construct in an honest and authentic way. How their work is connected with their personal lives is the principal edge of this investigation(…)